How to Lose Weight Fast in 10 Days

This article is all about how to lose weight fast and 10 days for you right at home. You don’t need a gym membership and you don’t even have to workout all that much if you don’t want to. Because there’s just a few simple steps and tricks that you can do to start losing three, five, even 10 pounds in the next 10 days.

First – exercise before breakfast

We’re going to take advantage of your metabolism window first thing in the morning what I like to call your metabolism window. There’s a specific time in the morning where your body can burn up to 20% more fat. And this is based on tons of research studies that have been conducted over the past five to 10 years.

The way this works is if you do a short bodyweight circuit, a short interval circuit even 10 – 15 minutes long. It doesn’t have to be a half-hour, even an hour. If you do that on an empty stomach before you eat breakfast in the morning, your body will start burning pure fat for fuel instead of relying on the carbs and the sugars from the food you eat.

The reason this works is when you eat dinner the night before, as you sleep, your body digests and processes all the food you eat. When you wake up in the morning you don’t have those food calories to rely on for energy.

If you do a short bodyweight workout right in your living room for just 10 minutes your body’s going to start using the fat from your belly, from your thighs, from your butt as fuel because it doesn’t have the food to rely on. Now, to make that work, you have to do it first thing in the morning before you eat anything.

You can drink some water or something like that beforehand, but don’t eat anything and take advantage of your metabolism window.

Second – cut all grains

Next you should cut out all the grains from your diet for the next 10 days. So, you’re cutting out the breads. You’re cutting out the rice, you’re cutting out the pasta, the bagels, the cereals, all of those, uh, foods we’re cutting out.

Even the ones that you probably think are healthy like Brown rice, like whole-wheat bread. Your kind of all of those out because most of them are processed to the point whereby the time they get on your plate to eat there’s very little nutritional value left in them if you cut those out.

Focus on in your meals, eating plenty of protein, veggies, and here’s a secret sauce. The healthy fats, eating those three things, and cutting out the carbs.

For protein, you can eat chicken, you can eat beef, you can eat steak, you can eat fish you can even eat red meat.

As terrible for you as you know, the media makes it out to be, you can eat eggs but it is great protein sources. If you’re vegetarian, you can go with tofu. Again, another great option for veggies like to stick with the green veggies (broccoli, asparagus, green beans, collard greens). Kale are some great options and cauliflower is also a great option, not necessarily a green veggie, but that it’s also a good option.

 The healthy fats keep you full and reprogram your body to burn fat for fuel so you can become a fat burner. Instead of just a carb burner where all you’re doing is bringing up the carbs from the food you eat earlier, you don’t necessarily want to do that because then you’re never burning off the fat on your body, which is the ultimate result that you want.

Third is Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are avocados which is a great option. You can eat one a day half of one for breakfast and half of one for either lunch or dinner. It’s helped you stay on single-digit body fat levels. Other options are coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and black olives are a great option as a snack.

If you can handle dairy, if your body can process dairy well you can do full-fat Greek yogurt. You can do even full fat cheese and you can have bacon. The bacon is a great option to have as well it helps fill you up and get you the protein and the healthy fats. So those are the three things you’re going to start eating.

Start cut out the grains. For the next 10 days. If you do that, pair it with the short bodyweight, a total body workout first thing in the morning during your metabolism window. And again, you can be down three, five, even 10 pounds in the next 10 days. You can even just cut out the exercise and just focus on what you eat and you will still get amazing results if you follow what is above.

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